One of the cutest dolphins in the world is the Commerson’s dolphin

Dolphins and toothed whales belong to the mammal family. Approximately, there are 42 dolphin species and 7 porpoise species which are gathered into six families: the oceanic dolphin family is by a long shot the largest with 38 individuals; the porpoise family has seven individuals; and there are four stream dolphin families, each containing only … Read more

It is believed that narwhals see like no other animal on earth

The English name of the narwhal is narwhal or narwhale, and the logical name is Monodon monoceros. This medium-sized whale is famous for its novel feature of having a long spiraling horn-like tooth in front of its head, often reminiscent of mythical unicorns. The part that looks like a narwhal’s horn is a specialized tooth. … Read more

When in danger, this caterpillar mimics the appearance of a venomous snake.

Ladies and gentlemen, the award for best invertebrate mimicry goes to Hemeroplanes triptolemus for its masterful impersonation of a venomous snake! Native to the rainforests of the Amazon, the snake imitates a caterpillar and transforms into a rather unremarkable moth in the family Sphingidae, yet in its larval stage it incorporates an astonishing survival tactic. … Read more

Scientists have discovered a 400-year-old Greenland shark that may have been born around 1620.

The Greenland shark is as of now the longest-living vertebrate known on Earth, according to scientists. The ages of 28 Greenland sharks were resolved to utilize radiocarbon dating of eye proteins, revealing that one female shark was estimated to be about 400 years old. This makes it the longest-living vertebrate known on Earth, surpassing the … Read more